Selfly Is A Phone Case That’s Also A Drone

Edgar Alvarez / Engadget

What could be better than having the latest and greatest iPhone? Well, what about having an iPhone case that doubled as a drone. That’s what you get with Selfly, it’s an iPhone case that can be used and controlled like any drone.

So obviously, the next question you have to ask is ‘can it fly while carrying the phone?’ Well, sorry to break everyone’s hearts who were fumbling to get the credit card out and pre-order one, but no. Despite the shrinking size and weight of phones, they’re still way too heavy to be carried by the little drone.

Besides, with the Selfly’s tiny 4 minute battery, your phone wouldn’t stay airborne very long and I doubt the case will protect it from a 30 ft. drop. And don’t tell me it wouldn’t fall that far, you usually don’t fly a drone at knee level.

The Selfly will be available sometime this spring, and will cost around $130, which will include 2 batteries.

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