Old Is New: Hyperkin Bringing Back Updated Gameboy

While Nintendo has had massive success with the launch of the NES and SNES Classic, its seems only a matter of time before they announce their next Classic console, and it’s stands that there’s a good chance we’ll see a Gameboy Classic coming soon.

Until then however, accessories maker Hyperkin is launching their own updated Gameboy for those who want their fix sooner.

The Ultra Game Boy, as is the current name, includes such features that an 8 year-old me would have sold his soul for including, a backlit fully-RGB display, stereo speakers, and a USB-C rechargeable battery that can last 6 hours (no more fumbling for batteries). Another great feature, that an 8 year-old me would be less interested in, is the beautiful aluminum chassis.

The prototype even keeps the contrast and volume dials from the original, and includes a new brightness dial letting you turn off the backlight for that classic (awful) Gameboy experience.

Hyperkin plans to release the Ultra Game Boy sometime later this summer, and with a price under $100.

Gizmodo ]