These Amazon Products are on Sale Right Now

Amazon Dot

If you want to expand Alexa’s functionality into other rooms, you will need the Amazon Dot. It’s an always-listening assistant that can do Alexa things. Although it’s not so great on the audio music department, you can use it to connect to your speakers over Bluetooth or 3.55mm stereo cable. Get it at 10% off today.

Kindle Paperwhite

If you want to upgrade your e-reader to the Kindle Paperwhite, today’s the best day to do so. The 6-inch reader is on a $20 price slash, pushing its price further down to only $100. It has a 300 ppi display, glare-free screen, and a built-in adjustable light.

All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Want to raise a smart kid? Give him this All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet. It comes with a kid-proof case, 2-year worry-free guarantee, and a year of Amazon FreeTime. The latter gives you access to 15,000 popular apps, games, books, videos, books, and educational content. It’s a pretty neat offer at only$100.

AYO Body Rhythm Enhancing Wearable

Get the most out of your energy when you have the AYO Body Rhythm Enhancing Wearable. This futuristic device comes in the form of a headset that rests just above your eyes. Connecting to your smartphone, the AYO Wearable gently exposes you to blue light. With just 20 minutes of exposure a day, you can optimize your body rhythm to suit your needs.

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Know How To Write? We’re Hiring

So… whatever regulars that are still around might have noticed: content is thin these days. The reasons for this are long and potentially boring, but maybe one day I’ll write my memoirs and delight you guys on the best way to run a website into the ground. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little fight left in me, and I’ve decided it’s time to hire someone to write for OhGizmo! again.

It won’t pay much, but you’ll be read by a quarter million readers monthly. There’s a contact form right here (and up on the nav bar too, if you bother to look), where you can submit your candidacy, and I’ll be reviewing applications. You need to be able to write well and be interested in tech; I’m assuming if you’re reading this in the first place you already have part 2 nailed down. Past writers have gone on to become fully employed writers at legit professional publications, like Gizmodo and IEEE, so who knows where you might end up. Either bored or a millionaire… or somewhere in between.

We’ll discuss compensation when you apply, but don’t expect to buy a yacht with this money. But hey, if you’re finding yourself browsing the web all day and occasionally think “Geez, this OhGizmo! site sure could use some of my talent.”, then why not try it out and make a few bucks in the process?

Top Digital Marketing Tips You Need To Read

Digital Marketing is a lucrative business and it is far more effective for larger and more competitive businesses. If it is done effectively, it has far more success than small business advertising does. This is a business that is always evolving, as more and more ideas continue to emerge; however, it takes time and effort to promote and perfect different strategies to help your business grow. There are several different keys to successful digital marketing. There are multiple channels in which a digital marketing audience can be reached; blogs, social media, e-mail, podcasts and websites. The following strategies will help kick your career into high gear.

First of all, you need to keep up with all the major digital marketing sites, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and also keep up with industry news. Blogs also help share information which is geared toward a specific audience. The sort of information that is expressed in a blog inspires a specific audience to not only read the original content, but also brings people back to the blog for future reading. You can also use social media sites, such as facebook, to boost your business. It is important to build trust and brand loyalty with the audience. However, do not strictly advertise. You should aim to build a relationship with the audience. Try to keep content simple, be consistent, and always respond to feedback with a positive attitude and as quickly as possible. You might find this article interesting.

Second, digital marketing messages should be quick and also grab the reader’s attention in an instant. This is because you literally only have seconds to connect with a potential customer. The message should also be direct and organized and convey a feeling that reaches the audience right away.

Third, you should always try to network. Try to surround yourself with those who are also in the digital marketing business. You can find industry meet-ups and conferences in your area, and you can enhance your abilities through in-depth workshops and presentations.

Fourth, visual aids are an awesome tool that can optimize development. Videos and graphics for your blog or social media site, can optimize communication and business development. Videos and for your blog or social media site, can really grab the audience’s attention and boost the quality of the content. Visual images are usually a great way to promote business.

Fifth, every digital marketer should have personal projects that they devise all on their own. This is a way to test out your own personal projects and is also a way to test out your own personal marketing skills and build revenue apart from industry leaders and fellow digital marketers.

Sixth, promote any positive reviews you receive concerning your business, on your website, and show the consumer why they should choose your business. Positive reviews tend to generate business.

Seventh, use different perspectives in your website development. You need to make sure that it connects with all different members of your consumer audience. Try to prioritize your site based on the need of long term customers. It is important to gain insight and feedback from the consumer audience.

Eighth, mobile relates to all types of marketing, especially digital marketing. It has influence over web development, content creation, user experience and promotion. These days, people like to use apps, features and other functions, or some other mobile feature that utilizes digital marketing in the way and in the form they feel is best for them.

Ninth, it is also important for digital marketers to construct a landing page. This is the first impression that users get of your brand and it allows for the communication of important objectives in your site. People tend to be impatient when searching for things online. Try to give them exactly what they want with clear and concise landing pages. Last, and possibly most importantly, learn basic knowledge of HTML and graphic design. This will make you look more credible, relevant and able to produce a quality product. Acquiring a certificate in a certified digital marketing course will also make you stand out from the rest.

Tenth, use content to promote your brand using a quality service like iNet Ventures or ICY Digital, both of which have the ability to strengthen a brand’s authority via influencer marketing techniques of which are effective and natural.

Basically, any sort of knowledge in digital marketing will propel you all the way to the top. In conclusion, digital marketing encompasses many forms of online promotion, ranging from social media to online advertising. It is a growing industry in which interesting concepts are embraced and technology is used as a tool to obtain a new and an ever-changing consumer audience. If you utilize the above tips, you will eventually find success in the digital marketing business.

These Highly-Reviewed Power Banks Are On Sale

Anker PowerCore 20000mAh Power Bank

If you’re looking for the power bank with ultra-high capacity, the Anker PowerCore 20000mAh Power Bank is the obvious choice. Over 10,000 of Amazon customer reviews and the rating is still strong at 4.6 stars. It can charge your iPhone 7 for 7 times, your Galaxy S6 5 times or your iPad mini 4 times. You can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. It’s on a 51% discount today and you can get one for only $39.

Here is another high-capacity power bank from RAVPower, the RAVPower 26800mAh Battery Pack. It has more capacity compared to Anker’s and has 3 USB ports. This monster power bank definitely keeps you covered and can last up to 9 days on a single charge. The #1 Best Seller can be yours for only $43.

Anker PowerCore 13000mAh Power Bank

Now if you prefer something more compact, go with this Anker PowerCore 13000mAh Power Bank. It has 2 USB ports, can charge your iPhone 6s 5 times, your Galaxy S6 3 times or your iPad Air 2 once. It used to have a $44 price tag, but it’s down to only $29 today.


Any Time Believer Bold Watch Collection

Dare to be different with the Any Time Believer Bold Watch Collection. This series of watches encourages you to be you and go against the grain. Sporting a totally unique design, the Believer Watch features stunning stainless steel while boasting a “more is more” concept. The dial is complete with enlarged numbers for 12, 3, 6, and 9. In addition, it has luminous fill on the indices and hands so you can view the time in any light.

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3 Useful Switches Every Household Should Have Right Now

Do you sometimes wish you could just plug everything into your laptop for a quick charge? The charger heads can become bulky at times. The Anker 5-Port USB Charger is a neat way to simultaneously charge all of your devices and it’s just $20 today.

If you don’t need much, you can settle for this RAVPower Wall Charger which has 2 USB ports. It also has a foldable plug, making it a perfect travel charging plug. It’s at 80% off today with a price tag of just $8.

Lastly, here’s this Etekcity Light Timer Outlet, Heavy-Duty Switch with Surge Protection. It’s like your smart switch, but with this, you don’t need your phone to program it. It comes with an interface where you can input up to 20 timer programs. And it can handle up to 1875 Watts or a load current of 15A. No wonder it’s a #1 New Release in Amazon right now and it’s only $13.


Most Infamously Unreliable Gadgets We Can’t Live Without


The screen cracks. The signal fails. The battery dies. And woe betides you if you get it wet. The smartphone is arguably the king of unreliable gadgetry. But for all the hassle of carrying something around as delicate as a newborn baby in your pocket, us consumers can’t live without our beloved cell phones.

How to Fix It

If you can’t bring yourself to step back into the brick-phone age – like the famous Nokia 3310 (which has been revived by the company) – then be sure to invest in some top quality protection. Modern protective cases come with a range of life-proof defense mechanisms against water and brute force, such as the aptly-named ‘Survivor’ by Griffin, will ensure your smartphone stays safely intact from a drop of up to 10 feet.

The Internet

Technically not a ‘gadget’ in the traditional sense, but from its humble military file-sharing beginnings to being widely regarded in modern homes as ‘the fourth utility’ (following water, heating and electricity), we feel the web deserves an honorable mention.

We’ve all been met with a page crash, slow running script or ‘404’ in our time, and always at the most inconvenient of moments (such as during an online transaction when you’re not sure if your payment actually went through or not). But when the site is your own, a crashed server can be damaging for an independent business, in terms of lost income and the reputational hit.

How to Fix It

In terms of keeping your own site up and running, if you’ll look here, you will find that a dedicated server should avoid the peril of platform crashes that occasionally inflict shared hosting sites such as WordPress. Furthermore, to prevent malware and viruses, give your devices a quick online security health check by ensuring you have the latest software updates installed, and be sure to use a reliable VPN when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks or streaming content.

Satellite Navigation Systems

When they’re not telling you to head directly into a lake, those bothersome Sat Navs are forever driving us to distraction thanks to confusingly designed pre-loaded maps, signal black holes and outdated software. But for all their unreliability, these little on-the-road gadgets preferable to the pre-GPS days of map books in the backseat or printing out directions before setting off.

How to Fix It

Update your maps! Although older Sat Nav models may need to be plugged into the computer to update, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and sign up for notifications that will alert you when the latest updates arrive.

Why Is the iPad POS System Taking Off?

Credit card machines and cash tills are getting a little paranoid because they’ve heard of the introduction of the new iPad POS (Point Of Sale) System. The system itself is an innovative way of helping businesses in a variety of industries become more efficient when it comes to accepting payments.

Royalty Free Photo
But, that’s not all these systems are used for. They also come with a host of other features and benefits that are ultimately making credit card machines and cash tills quake in their boots. Why is the new development of iPad POS Systems taking off in restaurants and other businesses around the world?

The Implementation of Inventory Tracking
The days of walking into the back of the restaurant to check on food inventory are long gone. iPad POS Systems come equipped with inventory tracking software so customers know whether a specific meal is in stock there and then. This increases employee efficiency, and it also means impatient customers are no longer a problem. It’s features like these that are giving employees the chance to provide a better service regardless of the industry they work in.

A Variety of Payment Methods on One Device
What makes the iPad system so special is that it’s able to accept a variety of payment methods. It’s not a cash machine just yet, but the usual card payments and contactless features are common. iPads can now work with stripe and chip card payments which makes it even more versatile. The need to carry a bulky credit card machine is no longer needed.

The Ability to Provide Better Organization
One key element that makes the iPad POS System so interesting to business owners is that it offers them a new level of organizational ability. Staff schedules, inventory tracking, and a handy clocking in and out staff system are just a few of the features that make organization easy as pie.

A Cost-Effective Solution
The obvious benefit of having such a system is that overall, it lowers business costs. Businesses no longer need to hire more employees when it gets busy because the iPad POS System has already increased employee efficiency. Lower costs on other payment methods is also one of the common reasons the iPad POS System is on the rise in many business outlets around the world.

Training Staff Members Is Easier Than Ever
The common electronic cash tills and card payment solutions can often throw up all sorts of problems to employees – and they often make training new staff with little technical experience much harder. iPads are quicker and easier to navigate and with a decent POS System implemented it means user interfaces are providing the management with a solution to easily train their staff.

Excellent Management Features
The feature-rich product has everything for staff members to undertake their jobs easily. However, what’s even more important is that these systems also come with excellent management features. From earnings reports and taxes to inventory management and actions logs – iPad POS Systems are positively changing the world for managers and business owners. Other features include extensions and the ability to search for assistance straight from the iPad itself.

The iPad Point of Sale System for restaurants is ultimately helping owners run them with little hassle. It’s surprising how such a small device can dramatically change how a business is run and, what’s even more surprising is how these devices have so many features jam packed into a compact design. If you run a restaurant or even a shoe selling business, consider implementing an iPad POS System today and you’ll find your business is more efficient tomorrow.

How To Ship Your Technology Quickly And Compliantly

With media being consumed on demand faster that ever before, with companies like Netflix making TV shows and movies available for streaming just months after their release to please users, it’s imperative that the signals used to transmit content are reliable. Cloud-based service providers that exist for social, entertainment-based, informative, or professional purposes are all expanding globally to reach a larger client base. Conversely, those who’ve already expanded internationally still require the IT equipment used to supply their service to be shipped securely, and on time. These clients require technology resellers from whom they can lease these necessary goods, it’s an opportunity to enter a global market like no other, so why do so many value-added resellers choose to stay local?

What many cloud-based service providers don’t realize is just how complex cross-border transactions can be, particularly for the reseller whose responsibility it is to have the goods cleared upon arrival. Technology is treated with high sensitivity at the customs of most countries, and because there is no conventional customer, often an Importer of Record is hired so the goods may be cleared compliantly. Before this process can take place, there is also a pre-approval process to contend with that requires the exporting entity to prepare all the correct paperwork including a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, and other pieces of customs support documentation like permits and further certifications.

This portion demands detailed knowledge of the receiving country’s legislature, and if a reseller has business in multiple places, it can cause a logistics nightmare. What’s more is that one minor mistake in the paperwork can cause costly delays and new media giants like Facebook or YouTube will not be impressed by insufficient service.

Thankfully, a reseller can more easily take advantage of international opportunities by partnering with a company like TecEx that can act as your Importer of Record in over 120 countries, clearing your goods within 7 days of the pre-approval process thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of and experience with imports. They also oversee the accuracy of the paperwork to ensure all forms are completed correctly, they can even apply for permits on your behalf. What makes this company one of its kind is that they can also procure a value-added tax refund for you from 40 of the above countries in less than 6 months post clearance, saving you money. Their hands-on service further sees the delivery of your assets as their personnel on the ground will liaise with your chosen forwarder or freight service to ensure the goods reach your high-profile clients swiftly.

TecEx makes global transactions simpler, and opens gateways for resellers so they may develop new and lasting client relationships outside of their local market. When prospective clients overseas require your technology to do business, partner with an expert in imports that will alleviate the pain points associated with an otherwise difficult process. It will keep your clients satisfied, and boost your reliability for the future.

Tech Our Grandparents Never Saw Coming

Back to the Future II is an interesting case study in futurism in film, but it’s also a fun way of looking at our expectations of where technology was going to go. In 1989, we thought there was a good chance we’d be on hoverboards and flying cars powered by our waste products. Who could have predicted Nike would file a patent for self-lacing shoes?

Sci-fi drives our passion for technology and the innovations we make in real life. We jokingly talk about home surveillance like a throwback to Big Brother in the book 1984. Today, home monitoring systems are common and safe. The entire smart home is something our grandparents never saw coming, but they actually did have some equivalents back then that might surprise you.

Door Shakers and Home Security
Post World War I, theft became a major issue as folks struggled to protect property. Americans realized home security was a challenge, and that one needed to work hard to protect what one had earned. Burglar alarms were sold that would create loud noises in the event of a break in, but the door itself remained a weak point in home security.

Enter “door shakers”.

These night watchmen would patrol a neighborhood and shake the door vigorously in the middle of the night in order to test locking mechanisms and door frames against breaching.

Today, smart locks can give us reassurance from wherever we might find an internet connection. Some of these locks even come with cameras so we can see who might be coming. Smart locks can have a keypad for keyless entry, utilize wireless technology to unlock the opening mechanism or some form of smart key device. No jostling necessary.

Chicago’s World’s Fair
It’s hard to state the impact that the 1930 World’s Fair had on the United States, and on technology. The advertisements and relics that survived speak of a kind of boundless optimism for technology. That it occurred in the midst of the Great Depression only makes the entire thing seem that much more surreal.

The Fair added drama and romance to the nation’s highway systems with new kinds of cars that promised exciting ways of travel. The monotonous work of the home was reduced to simple tasks like loading the dishwasher. Even the way a room was designed implied multiple uses.

The remains of these fairs are still visible today, but their loudest echoes are in the modern pieces of tech the fairs inspired.

Star Trek’s Impact
Another show our grandparents grew up with, and probably thought would never happen, is Star Trek. We’re still not at a point where intergalactic space travel is reality, but we’ve adapted some of the technology you see on the big and small screens.
The futuristic communicators used in the show resemble cell phones. There’s no clear parallel, but the functions are very much the same: a network not requiring physical connectivity for the purposes of transmitting messages. NFC, which stands for near field communication, is another feature pulled straight from the show. Using NFC, smartphones can be used to pay for goods and services.

Final Thoughts
The science fiction we read and watch today heavily influences the technology we use tomorrow. Science fiction loves to take these existing tropes and imagine their conclusion. This is only logical, considering the role our imagination plays in engineering.

After all, we live in a world where a rock we’ve tricked into thinking (AKA, the CPU) manages most of our daily lives for us.

Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver Car Kits, Anyone?

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth receiver that’s compatible with most smartphones, the TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit is the one to stick to. It can be used for your car or any home audio device that doesn’t support Bluetooth. Plus, it can connect to 2 devices at once.


This Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Car Adapter lets you stream music in your non-Bluetooth car, receive calls hands-free, and even lets you transform your wired Mpow headset into a wireless one.


Finally, there’s another version of the Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter/Receiver. It’s almost similar to the latter, but this one can control the volume of the audio in addition to controlling the music’s play and pause.


Vasco 7-Piece Smart Packing Luggage

Transform the way you travel with the Vasco 7-Piece Smart Packing Luggage. This system uses intuitive design to organize your bag. The first in this set, the No.1, includes three different sized packing cubes complete with unique compression zippers to help reduce space in luggage by 60%. With these, you can compartmentalize various clothing and accessories. The No.2 is a shoe bag to keep any odors from touching your clothing. In fact, the special material actually absorbs odor and combats bacteria.

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All the Lights That You Need For Your Outdoor Adventures

Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Lanterns

Do you always go camping with family or friends? If yes, tag along these Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Lanterns with you. They provide up to 12 hours of light and they’re collapsible for easier transport or storage.

GRDE LED Headlamp

Whether you’re biking at night or exploring caves, the GRDE LED Headlamp will sure be handy. It provides up to 1800 lumens of brightness and 100,000 hours of operation. When you’re not up for adventures, you can also use this lamp when working in your attic.

Nilight Flood LED Light Bars

Lastly, here are the Nilight Flood LED Light Bars for your Jeep, Cabin Boats, SUV trucks, ATVs, and the likes. They’re heavy-duty lights that are still bright even in broad daylight! The lamps are quake-proof, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking when driving on rough terrains.


Which Discounted Headphones Match Your Lifestyle?

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you travel often or work in noisy cafes, the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones is for you. It has significant noise reduction and has an inline mic/remote for your client calls.

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earbuds

Meanwhile, if you’re into working out or just have an active lifestyle, the SoundPEATS Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earbuds is the one for you. It goes around your neck for a secure and comfortable fit. It only weighs 4.58 ounces, so it won’t meddle with your activities.

APIE Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Not comfortable with the solid neckband? You can opt for these APIE Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. The wire neckband is obviously lighter. It’s IPX-7 waterproof and is ideal for cycling, hiking, jogging, and gym workouts.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Flip Case

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S8 safe from unwanted damage with this Samsung Galaxy S8 Flip Case. The case works as a simple flip cover with a stylish look. In fact, this case makes sure to keep your Samsung Galaxy S8 looking great around the clock. As a matter of fact, the case envelops your phone leaving the camera ports intact.

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Useful Little Items That You Can Gift Your Car With

TomTom GPS Navigator

Do away with your smartphone when navigating on the road while driving. Get this TomTom GPS Navigator instead. It’s loaded with over 1 million miles of mapped roads in the US and keeps you away from traffic with free updates.

iXCC 5-port Car Charger

Need more than 2 USB ports for your devices? The iXCC 5-port Car Charger will solve your woes. Get all those devices juiced up and avoid family arguments on who’s going to charge first. It’s also perfectly designed to fit your cup holder for a secure fix.

InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Keep your car smelling fresh with the InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser. It has two mist modes that you can choose from. It also adds a relaxing mood in your auto with its 7 color changing LED light.

VisualSonic Wall Mount Music Device

Combine your love for audio and art with the VisualSonic Wall Mount Music Device. This combination of technology gives you stunning wall pieces that produce impressively big sound. Using Bluetooth codec technology, the patented panel speaker disperses audio into the room. The VisualSonic Music Device measures just 25mm thick to rest seamlessly against your wall.

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iPad Case with Card Holder

Protect your iPad in style with this iPad Case with Card Holder. The beauty of this case lies in its design. As a matter of fact, the case merges a simple iPad case with your everyday wallet. There are card slots to store your most important cards. With this case by your side, you can simply ditch your wallet and just carry this case around. Additionally, the case also keeps your iPad safe and looks great at the same time.

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Little Household Items That Can Help You in Big Ways

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Switch

Have total control of your lights at home with the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Switch. Switch your lights on right before you get home using your smartphone and tell Alexa to switch it off just right before you go to sleep. Better yet, set schedules so you don’t have to push the light button ever again. Handy, huh?

URPOWER Solar Motion Sensor Lights

As for your outdoor lights, there’s no need to schedule their on or off times. They ought to automatically blast off bright light on possible thefts that are lurking in the middle of the night. The URPOWER Solar Motion Sensor Lights are best at these things. They’re efficient, automatic, and low maintenance. They just need a sunny spot to stay charged.

ThermoPro LCD Digital Meat Thermometer

Do you always burn your meat? You should have had this ThermoPro LCD Digital Meat Thermometer ages ago. It helps you cook your meat perfectly and make look like a pro. Set your desired temperature and be sure to get that meat off the grill on cue.