This Ironic Version of Fahrenheit 451 Can Only Be Read When Burned


Fahrenheit 451 is considered a modern masterpiece of literature. It’s a story about a dystopian future where books are made illegal and are burned en masse. It was a near revolutionary tale that has shaped the way we think about privacy today (and it was written back when not every novel was about a dystopian future).

Well in an ironic twist, French Publisher, Super Terrain, is making a version of the book with black pages that only reveal themselves when the special ink has been burned off with extreme heat. Though it’s not going to hold up to being burned in large bonfires, the fact that you can use the heat from a lighter to reveal the text is amazingly twisted.

The publisher is hoping to make copies of the special version available sometime in 2018.

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Porsche Passport: Renting Luxury Cars Like Blockbuster

So you already pay $10 a month for Spotify, another $10 for Netflix, $25 for the gym and $80 for your cell phone, but Porsche wants to know, would you pay $2,000 a month to rent one of their cars?

With the Porsche Passport, you can rent much of the Porsche lineup pretty much like renting a movie form Blockbuster. You reserve your vehicle, and it gets delivered right to you. And when you’re finished, your car will get picked up and replaced by another one you’ve chosen, no tape rewinding necessary. They even deliver it to you with a full tank of gas, how thoughtful.

There are two tiers to select from, the aforementioned $2,000 tier includes access to the Cayman, Boxster, Macan and Cayenne, while the $3,000 tier throws in the 911 and the Panamera as well. Both plans also include an insurance policy with $1 million liability, and roadside assistance, full washes, etc.

They are starting the program in Atlanta for now, and will look to expand later. Look the math is pretty simple, Porsche’s are expensive, so if you’re willing to shell out $24,000 per year to constantly swap luxury cars like you’re playing musical chairs, than go for it. And if anyone has an extra 1-year, or even 6-month subscription-card laying around, I’ll gladly accept.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumor Mill: 3D Face Scanners and Magnetic Mods?

With this year’s update of the Galaxy S8, we saw a pretty big design change. Samsung moved the fingerprint sensor to the back, giving the phone much more free space on the front to stretch from a 5.1 inch flat screen to a 5.8 inch curved one. The overall design change left the S8 as one of the most beautiful phones ever released. Along with numerous other smaller changes, it was a pretty big update to the flagship line.

With that said, let’s take look at what is probably happening as well as what is not very likely to come to the S9 when it hits next Spring.

Probably Happening

The phone will likely get an upgrade to the processor and signs point to the Snapdragon 845. Once again, giving Samsung the best available option for Android phones, though the 845 won’t outperform Apple’s A11 chip.

It seems the phone will not get a bump to 6GB of memory like other phone manufacturers, instead sticking with 4GB. But may very well get a larger sized battery due to shrinking sizes with the chipset.

Also, there seems to be some debate, but most tend to think the phone will get either an under-the-glass fingerprint sensor on the front of the screen, or a 3D face scanning camera like the iPhone X.

There could also be a new hydrophobic coating on the screen allowing the phone to be used in the rain much easier, as Samsung licensed a new glass coating in 2016.

Hopefully, But Not Very Likely

Dual-Lens Camera: There are reports that Samsung wanted this for the S8, but fell short on time. Considering the new features it could bring to the camera, this one may actually be possible.

Lower Price: Haha, we can dream, can’t we?

1,000 fps Slo-Mo Camera: There seems to be some sources stating Samsung is working on a rear camera that can shoot at up to 1,000 fps. So, I wouldn’t rule this one out entirely. For comparison, the S8 maxes out at 240 fps at 720p.

Magnetic Modular Accessories: Just like Moto Mods, Samsung could support magnetic accessories that snap onto the phone to add things like a zoom lens, or battery pack, or a bunch of other things. This rumor comes from Eldar Murtazin, an analyst with a mixed history of rumors. So, maybe?

Bendable screen: This one is super unlikely, but rumors about Samsung’s interest in building a phone with a bendable display have been building for years, and they’ve even been showing off working prototypes of a bendable screen. A Samsung executive said it doesn’t plan to launch such a feature until at least 2019, but who knows?


That about wraps it up, but what do you think? Are any of these likely? And which featurea do you want to see most on the Galaxy S9?

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We Need To Talk More About This Alexa Moto Mod That Costs $150

Last week I wrote about two new upcoming Moto Mods. A Polaroid Instant Printer and an Alexa Speaker. I focused on the printer, because it’s just way more interesting, and mostly skipped the Alexa speaker, essentially just saying ‘Get a Dot’. Well that all changes now, cause at a whopping $150, Motorola must be out of their freaking minds.

Where do I start? How about that phones like the HTC u11 and the, just announced, Motorola X4 already have Alexa integration built-in and don’t require an expensive and bulky hump. Also, it’s a bulky hump that you’re supposed to leave attached to your phone like a sad turtle shell. Not to mention, to get the best response from Alexa, you should lay your phone face down on a table, seriously.

And most obviously, you can just buy an Amazon Echo for $99. Like a real, fully-functional, flagship model Echo. And have enough left for an Echo Dot as well. But hey, it works as a better, louder speaker for the phone, and that’s cool I guess.

What more can I say except, pre-order yours now because these things will sell out fast.

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Is There A 7-Day Waiting Period For This Bolt-Action Pen?


Pens are pretty cool, let’s face it. You can write, you draw stuff, you can twirl it in your hands; it’s a real triple-threat. But let’s be honest, clicking a pen is lame. Since the first retractable pen in 1950, the process of clicking a pen has really run its course and people have been basically rioting in the streets, demanding a better option.

That’s where the Bastion Bolt Action Pen comes in. It’s a premium pen that retracts using a mechanism similar to a bolt-action rifle, and it looks awesome. You can just sit there and click your pen all day long like you’re training to be an Army Ranger. It even comes in stainless steel or carbon fiber flavors. And because it’s a premium pen, it’s compatible with a number of refill cartridges.

It’s available on Kickstarter for a base price of $39 for the stainless steel, and plans to ship in January.

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This Candle That Smells Like A New Mac Now Smells Even More Like A New Mac


Last year, Twelve South, an Apple accessories company, released a candle that claimed to smell like you’ve just unboxed a certain $2,000 aluminum computer. It sold out quickly, but it didn’t really smell like a new Mac and it didn’t really have that Apple-look.

Thankfully, they’ve fixed that with the Inspire [mac candle N°2], their new-New Mac candle with an updated profile of bergamot, lemon, and tarragon (Hey, I know one of those words), and it claims to smell much more accurate than last year’s model. It even has a new updated design that really makes it look like something Apple made with a rounded white jar that’s just as pristine as many Apple products.

Personally I really like the new design. It’s cleaner and looks easier to hold in your hand. Last year’s first-gen model may have sold well, but many insiders knew there were still some bugs to get worked out and this second-gen model looks like it might be a real flagship for the company. The candle sells for $29, but some of that money goes to help young people in STEM education, so it’s worth a good cause.

No word on whether this model supports wireless charging or not, but I’ll update if I get more information.

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UPDATE: I just found out candles don’t need to be charged.

Garmin Speak is a GPS That Puts Alexa In Your Car

The Garmin Speak is an odd looking GPS, it doesn’t have a traditional display like other GPS systems, but it still includes a small display which can readout upcoming turns and lane guidance arrows. Many navigation apps do the same using the top 1/4 of the screen, and after a while you sort of stop looking at the satellite image and just focus on the upcoming turns. So I actually like the idea of having a readout of just turn-by-turn directions.

Now, if that was all the Garmin Speak did, it’d still be an interesting piece of tech, but Garmin has teamed up with Amazon to allow you to tap into Alexa while driving. Much like any Echo device, you can adjust music, ask questions, issue commands and control smart home products without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel.

It looks pretty cool, and might be worth the $149 price for some, but I think it’s going to be hard to sell people on a GPS in 2017 when you can buy a $10 suction cup and stick your phone to your windshield for directions.

Call me when the price is slashed in half though.

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Save BIG on Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen), Echo Show, and the All-New Echo (2nd Gen)

The holidays are coming fast. Better start your Christmas shopping early. If you got tech-savvy people on your gift list, today’s deals on the popular Amazon products will save you a lot of money on gift buying in groups!

all-new Echo 2

First, the all-new Echo 2, which will be released by the end of October is on sale in packs of 3’s. If you pre-order 3, you can save $50 if you use the code ECHO3PACK. If you have intentions of availing the deal, better not hesitate. The offer’s good for a limited time only.

Learn more about the Echo 2nd Gen here.

Echo Show

In case you still don’t know about the Echo Show. It’s like an Echo that can show you things like Amazon video content, live security camera footage, music lyrics, and more. Today, you can save $100 if you buy 2 of these.

Learn more about the Echo show here.

Echo Dot

Lastly, the classic Echo Dot is having a package sale too. If you buy 6, you get 1 free (saving $50) with the code DOT6PACK. If you buy 3, you can save $20 with the code DOT3PACK. 


‘Nude’ App Automatically Detects and Protects Your Filthy Photos

Every person has been in that situation where you hand your phone to someone to show them a hilarious picture of your friend Derek being an idiot, and suddenly you remember those pictures you still have hanging around on your phone. You know the ones. And you’re thinking ‘For the love of God, don’t swipe’. Your forehead starts sweating bullets until that glorious moment when they hand your phone back to you.

Now you can be at ease with Nude (that’s its name, seriously), an iPhone app which automatically scans your library using AI learning to detect naughty parts, and once found, hides a copy in a password protected library on the app itself. The app then deletes the original from your library and from iCloud. Sounds odd, but don’t worry, the photos are never sent to ‘Nude’ servers. Instead, the app uses image recognition on the device itself, never allowing the images to leave the phone.

Now, I know none of our readers have anything like that going on in the photo libraries, but in case you were wondering the app is available now, its free to download and costs $0.99 per month. Maybe now you can show Nana your vacation photos from Lake Titicaca, without worrying about her seeing…Well, you know.

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The Super NT is a Modern Way To Play All The Super Nintendo Games Not On The SNES Classic

Though the SNES is great, and it is great, it’s a bummer that so many great games were left out. The SNES Classic still has a fantastic library, but what if you’re looking for a way to play all of your old favorites? You can of course, buy an old Super Nintendo, but you can never be sure of its condition, not to mention it won’t play games in HD.

But Analogue is offering a solution, the Super NT. The same guys behind the beautiful (and pricey) aluminum NT Mini are back with another high quality, modern way to play you favorite Nintendo games. Like its predecessor, the Super NT will play all games of the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom’s library and at 1080p through HDMI.

However, unlike its predecessor, the Super NT will be much more affordable at $189. Unfortunately, the Super NT is not made with same stunning aluminum, but it still comes in 4 great colors, including a sharp black model and transparent model that shows off the goodies. Besides, the company says the console is still built like a tank and avoiding aluminum helps keep that price down.

The Super NT is available for pre-order now and will ship in February, however controllers will need be purchased separately from 8BitDo.

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You Never Have To Leave The Couch To Draw The Blinds Again With AXIS Gear

How many times have you been sitting on the couch, about to watch some Netflix when you realize you left the blinds open and wished you can lower them remotely? Not once? You just get up and close the blinds, which takes like 2 seconds? Well, if you had wished for a solution to lowering the blinds remotely then your prayers have just been answered (again, just pretend this a major problem in your life).

The Axis Gear is a motorized smart device that can draw your blinds for you. It works through an app that you use to control the blinds. It can also be setup to open and close the blinds automatically at certain times. A neat trick if you want to try using that big ball of fire as an alarm clock. It’ll even let you open or close all connected Axis Gears in a room with the app or by touching the ‘group’ button on the device.

It’s a neat device and if you looking at automatic blinds, buying an Axis Gear is certainly cheaper (and smarter) than most motorized blinds. But at $180 per unit, it’s not for the faint of wallet. And if you’re like me, then light is your enemy and you try to avoid it.

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Sensibo Sky Makes Your Old Air Conditioner Smart Home Compatible

Smart Air Conditioners look awesome, being able to turn on your A/C before you arrive home after a hot day, while still being energy conscious, puts them at the top-tier of things you actually want to be a smart device. But if your old A/C is still running well, there may be no reason to upgrade your entire unit. If you still want that smart capability though, you might be in luck with the Sensibo Sky.

The Sensibo Sky is a small device which can make just about any air conditioner smart compatible, allowing you to turn on and off, as well as set temperatures for your A/C. It does this by acting like a remote (so the one requirement is that you A/C uses a remote). Once setup on an adjacent or opposite wall, the Sky will connect to your phone and can issues commands to your air conditioner by acting as a wall-mounted remote control. It’s even compatible with Alexa and Google commands, and seems to have impressive response times.

The Sky seems like a really cool (haha) device to make your life a little more comfortable. It’s available now for $119, which is a little pricey but could be a worthwhile investment for anyone who’s unlikely to upgrade their A/C unit for a few years.

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Save $80 on Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Charger, $52 on Anker PowerCore 13000, and $31 on RAVPower Mini Battery Bank

What can’t you leave the house without? I’m sure most of you will answer power bank.

If you ever need more, there are a few on sale on Amazon today.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800

The excellently reviewed Anker PowerCore+ 26800 is a high-capacity power bank that can charge your iPhone 6s 9 times, your Galaxy s6 over 7 times or your MacBook more than thrice. Its PowerCore+ technology charges compatible devices up to 85% faster too. Get it at a 53% discount (only $70) today. If you buy 1, you also get a discount on a second item. Details here.

Anker PowerCore 13000 C

Another power bank on sale is this Anker PowerCore 13000 C. The compact 2-port power bank is well-loved by its reviewers because of its handheld size and high-speed charging. Get it for only $28 instead of $80 today.

RAVPower Luster Mini External Battery Bank

If you’re after a super small power charger that’s enough to recharge your smartphone at least once, then the RAVPower Luster Mini External Battery Bank is the ideal one for you. With a 3350 mAh capacity, it provides an additional 14 hours of talk time or 90 hours of music playback for your phone. It can fit inside the mini pocket of your pants! Yes, it is the smallest charger to date.


If Anyone Has A Moto Mod Phone You Can Buy A Polaroid Instant Printer Attachment

Motorola seems to really want Moto Mods to work. Some of the mods you can already buy include a JBL speaker, a 360° camera, and a gamepad. But it seems they’re not done there, as they’ve announced new mods made by Lenovo which includes a Polaroid instant camera mod.

With the Polaroid attachment, it seems like you’ll be able to print out any photo instantly as opposed to printing photos that were just taken. They’ve also announced an Alexa speaker attachment that is said to work like an Echo when the phone is placed screen-down on a surface. Or, you know, the Dot is also super cheap.

Look, Motorola is doing their thing and that’s great, I’m just not sure how much value is in phone attachments that will be unusable after you move on to a new phone.

They’ll be available this holiday season. No word on price, but most mods seem to range around $80+ and that’ll be a lot to ask for gimmicky Polaroid instant printer, especially when you can buy the new OneStep 2 Polaroid Camera for $100 which has been reviewed as a fun Polaroid camera.

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Nintendo Switch Dock That Doubles As A Projector Coming To Indiegogo This Month

The Nintendo Switch is a great console and seems like it might bring the company back into the golden era of the late 90’s. And while the Switch is promoted as a great portable console, and for single player games it is great, it’s not nearly as playable for multiplayer games outside of having it plugged into a TV. That’s where the OJO wants to make a change.

Made by YesOJO, the OJO Projector is a Nintendo Switch Dock which projects your game to create a 30-120 inch image across a wall in ‘high quality’. The projector is also said to have an HDMI input for plugging in other devices and a 4-hour battery for truly portable gaming. It also has a 3.5mm port for hooking up speakers since there don’t seem to be any on the projector itself, and you probably won’t want to use the Switch’s built in speakers.

The OJO could be a great accessory for anyone for anyone wanting more portability out of their Switch, but like with all Indiegogo campaigns, there’s always a risk of it flat-out sucking (or never being made at all). Instead, wait until it launches next year to try and pick one up.

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Casio Is Making A $500 Selfie Camera For Asia That Will Sell Like Mad

While smartphones have basically killed compact cameras, there’s still a market for compact cameras that can take your selfie game higher to the next level. Casio knows this is especially true in Asia, and has been selling a $900 camera specifically made for selfies. The reason for this is as the social network Weibo is rapidly growing in China, women are essentially competing to make the most attractive profiles.

Well, now they’re expanding their line with the $500 TR Mini, a smaller version of their TR80 camera. The TR Mini is shaped like a pocket mirror and has a ring of 8 LEDs for taking well-lit selfies anywhere. The sensor is 12-Megapixels, but is cut to 8-Megapixels because they know people want to share those square shots. The camera also includes low-energy Bluetooth transfer to your phone, because every second your selfie isn’t online, is one less person envious of how pretty you are.

The cameras are unlikely to be ever be sold here. Which is a little sad considering its fans love them so much they refer to them as a “selfie God device”. Though to be fair, every selfie I take is already god-like.

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Save $50 on 3 Amazon Echo 2nd Gen, Get 72% Off Zookki Solar Lights, and 56% Off Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Echo 2nd generation

Too excited for the all-new Echo 2nd generation? It’s obviously a more stylish version (with cloth-like fabric) that’s a bit smaller and cheaper too! But, it can deliver like your old Echo. It has even an improved speaker architecture and far-field audio technology. It’s not yet available, but you can pre-order through Amazon today. If you buy 3, you can save $50 with the code ECHO3PACK.

2-pack Zookki Wireless Solar Motion-Sensor Lights

Another great deal. The 2-pack Zookki Wireless Solar Motion-Sensor Lights is having a 72% price slash off today, bringing the price down to only $16.99. Reinforce your outdoor security with this pair of alert lights, each armed with 28 LED’s. And because they’re solar-powered, they’re easy to maintain.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones, the best seller in Powersports Headsets, is up for less than half the original price today at only $35. With a closed-back design, it provides an immersive Hi-Fi sound and isolates passive noise. The earpads are also equipped with memory-protein ear cushion for a long-lasting comfort.

This Arcade Light Switch Cover Brings A Little Arcade Into Your Home

These awesome looking light switch covers let you turn on (or off) your lights with a touch of that classic arcade look. You’ll feel like you’ve just beaten Donkey Kong and saved Paulina everytime you turn on your humidifier. Okay, obviously I’m joking, but you all know what an oldschool arcade button feels like and they’re super satisfying to press.

They come in a bunch of different color combinations, I’m partial to the red/blue buttons for that arcade look, and the pink/purple buttons that match the buttons of an SNES controller, but there are other colors for those picky types. They’re super simple to install, but the cover only works with the rocker style of light switches, so you might have to pick one of those up.

They’re available for $8 for one, or $13 for a 2-pack and have great reviews.

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This Arcade Light Switch Cover Brings A Little Arcade Into Your Home

These awesome looking light switch covers let you turn on (or off) your lights with a touch of that classic arcade look. You’ll feel like you’ve just beaten Donkey Kong and saved Paulina everytime you turn on your humidifier. Okay, obviously I’m joking, but you all know what an oldschool arcade button feels like and they’re super satisfying to press.

They come in a bunch of different color combinations, I’m partial to the red/blue buttons for that arcade look, and the pink/purple buttons that match the buttons of an SNES controller, but there are other colors for those picky types. They’re super simple to install, but the cover only works with the rocker style of light switches, so you might have to pick one of those up.

They’re available for $8 for one, or $13 for a 2-pack and have great reviews.

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IKEA Is Rolling Out Furniture Specifically For Pets

In a brilliant move, IKEA, the meatball store that also sells furniture, is producing a line of furniture specifically made for cats and dogs. The line, named the Lurvig, it’s even got its own Swedish name, includes a little dog/cat sofa and a dog bed frame. It’s just so little and cute.

The best of the lot has to be the ‘cat house on legs with pad’, it is without a doubt, the most post-modern piece of cat furniture you can put in your house, like it crawled out of the 60’s. Overall, the set actually looks really nice, and should fit with just about any home décor. But what do I know, I’m a tech writer not a home decorator.

This seems like a great move by Ikea, but if you really loved your dog, you’d just let him sleep on the couch.