The Jammy Is Cool Little Pocket Guitar

As a fan of rock music, the Jammy looks like a pretty cool way to jam. It’s a small, pocket sized device that that has the feel and sound of a real guitar. With the Jammy, instead of playing on an electronic surface like some other pocket guitars, it has you strumming with a real guitar pick against strings. And, because there are only 5 frets on the body, the neck can be extended out up to 12 inches to change octaves, which mimics the motion of sliding your hand up and down a real guitar neck.

While I doubt it’ll even come close to the feeling of a real guitar, the Jammy looks like a cool piece that anyone can have fun messing around with. The video shows off a lot of potential, but there’s no way to tell how much black magic is being used to make it look good.

There’s no word on how much it’ll cost, but the company says they plan to begin shipping later in the year.

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The OneStep 2 Is The First New Polaroid Instant Camera in Over A Decade

Ten years ago, Polaroid made their last instant film camera. An aging product of the times, they had been all but replaced as digital cameras became more affordable. Well now, the iconic instant camera is coming back, kind of.

Since Polaroid abandoned their instant film, the Impossible Project is a company that has emerged to continue producing Polaroid Instant Film in an effort to keep the iconic camera going. However, after their parent company acquired the Polaroid brand, they’ve revealed that they’re making the first new Polaroid Instant Camera since it was scrapped 10 years ago.

The camera, named the OneStep 2, doesn’t have many modern features, touting a flash, timer, a USB port for charging, and that’s about it. Though, if you ask me, a resurrected Polaroid camera should be a very basic piece of tech.

While the OneStep 2 will never match the quality of even most modern phones, it’s not about that. It’s about remembering the simpler days of buying a pack of film, loading the camera, and waiting for your picture to be visible to see if it was any good.

The OneStep 2 will set you back $99 and will be available October 16th. Oh yeah, and film costs $16 for an 8-pack of instant film, because you’ll need that too.

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Nintendo Plans To Bring Back NES Classic in 2018

For anyone who was unable to get their hands on an NES Classic last year, I’m sure that, like me, you felt betrayed as Nintendo pulled the plug on the retro console earlier this year, just as demand was still sky high. And while Nintendo promises to have more SNES Classics available when it releases later this month, it still stung to know you wouldn’t be able to get one of the NES Classics.

Well, Nintendo just announced that they plan to bring back the NES Classic and re-release it sometime next year, as well as announcing plans to continue selling the SNES Classic well into 2018. Hopefully this means I can one day walk into an actual store and walk out with not one, but two retro Nintendo consoles instead of having to find someone online who will only price gouge me a little bit.

I guess birthday wishes do come true, as long as you believe hard enough.

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Apple Announces iPhone X, Is This The Era Of The $999 Phone?

Today was Apple’s big day of announcements as they revealed the latest versions of the iPhone, among them were the iPhone 8/8 Plus, as well as the much rumored iPhone X, which has been thought to be Apple’s significant update to the iPhone line in honor of the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone. Here are some of the biggest things you should know about their newest flagship.


First, the design is the most obvious change as Apple removed the bottom bezel and much of the top, taking with it, the home button. The new design allows the screen to grow to 5.8”, while remaining physically smaller than the iPhone 7/8 Plus. This change also alters the basic functions as you now need to swipe up from the bottom of the phone to reach the home screen as well as having to use the larger power button on the side to activate Siri.

Face ID

Of course, you can’t remove the home button without also removing Touch ID, so Apple’s solution is to use advanced facial recognition which they’ve called Face ID. It works as one would expect, simply hold the phone up to your face and it unlocks. Apple claims Face ID is more secure than Touch ID and says it won’t be fooled by holding up pictures to unlock the phone, though people with evil twins should be on the lookout.


The display has also seen updates as the resolution is now sharper and the display uses OLED technology in what Apple is calling Super Retina. Along with support for HDR, the iPhone might have finally caught up to Samsung’s industry leading displays.


Just like any new iPhone, the newest update brings along new cameras with larger sensors for better lighting, as well as dual OIS on both rear facing cameras. Portrait mode is now being brought to the front facing camera, and slow motion video is available at 1080p 240fps for incredibly sharp wipeouts of your friend doing a skateboard trick.


There are other new features as well, such as support for wireless charging (finally) and better/louder speakers, but all this adds up to one question. Would you spend $999 on a smart phone, even with all the new features?

It’ll be interesting to see just how many people are willing to spend that amount on a phone. Even if you’re not an Apple fan, you should be interested because if Apple’s iPhone X is a runaway success at $999, other phone manufactures may soon follow suit.

Pre-orders start October 27, and the phone starts shipping in November. It’s not for me, but man, it sure is beautiful.

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Mighty Let’s You Use Spotify on a Workout Without Bringing Your Phone

It seems like just yesterday when the iPod was the perfect workout companion and using our phones for music but a distant dream. Part of me still misses the ease and super portability of the iPod shuffle. Unlike today where gym visits and bike rides require lugging around an expensive and delicate phone, you could simply clip the Shuffle to your shirt and workout without it getting in the way.

Well, one company is trying to make workouts less of a hassle with Mighty, an MP3 player resembling an iPod Shuffle with a modern twist. The ability to sync playlists and songs from Spotify wirelessly. The Mighty can connect to Spotify through an app on your smartphone, which allows you to create new playlists and sync them over to the Mighty before a workout, letting you ditch the phone. The addition of a specific button also allows you to select between playlists, letting you fill up its 8GB capacity with around 1,000 songs over many playlists.

The Mighty was originally brought to Kickstarter where it raised over $300k, and soon after, the company began working closely with Spotify to ensure smooth ease-of-use. A win-win for both companies, it ensures that the Mighty and its owners will have Spotify’s support. The Mighty also has support for both 3.5mm headphones as well as Bluetooth headphones, so new phone owners still resentful with the removal of their headphone jack can use their favorite headphones during a workout without living the dongle-life.

There’s a little more to it, but it’s available now for $86 on Mighty’s website for anyone who thinks it may be time to rethink buying a dedicated music player.

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Bosch’s Handheld Scanner Can Help You Figure Out That Mystery Stain

Bosch, best known for their home appliances, is showing off their latest innovation at IFA 2017, a handheld scanner that takes the guess work out of laundry. The small handheld scanner is able to detect the source of stains, as well as determine the fabric of the clothing being scanned, which it reads out on it’s small LCD display and sends a method of cleaning to a connected washing machine. So you can simply scan that wool sweater that you stained at cousin eddy’s Bat Mitzvah and toss it right in the mashing machine, though honestly who brings a sweater to a Bat Mitzvah?

As great as a laundry companion the X-Spect could one day make, Bosch seems to be exploring the possibilities with the tech. One of the gadgets other neat tricks is that when used to scan food items such as a frozen pizza, it can begin preheating a connected oven to a predetermined temperature. Though, hopefully the X-Spect can learn to play well with other brands as I don’t see many people filling their house with Bosch appliances just to use the scanner.

As for many cool things, the X-Spect still sits in the early stages of development. But as for release, the company hopes to launch it ‘soon’. Which it could sell alongside one of their smart washing machines as opposed to trying to sell it as a stand-alone unit.

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Despite Warnings People Still Fried Their Cameras During The Eclipse

There’s no doubt that people were super excited to catch a glimpse of the first total solar eclipse to hit the United States since 1979. Cities and towns within the path of totality were hit with eclipse fever as tourists poured in for the incredibly rare opportunity. Of course,  along with that excitement came people wanting to photograph the event, and like how many ignored the warnings of not wearing the eclipse glasses, many innocent cameras were injured by people not using a solar lens to capture the eclipse.

One camera rental company, LensRentals, posted a blog detailing the different types of the damage to cameras and lenses that were returned after the eclipse. Among these include damaged sensors, melted shutters and damage to the lens iris. Most of the damage happened when cameras were left pointed to the eclipse, using the lens like a magnifying glass and melting some of the inside components. Except this time, instead of burning an ant hill until your parents call a therapist, you end up melting the critically important sensor in a camera that’s worth more than your kidney.

Luckily, LensRentals was prepared to deal with repairs by the forgone instructions and says the damage wasn’t as common as expected. Though the company says that the damage is considered neglect after the numerous warnings, so the added insurance doesn’t cover the damage. They hope this will serve as a warning to anyone wanting to photograph the next eclipse in 2024.

See more pictures of the damage. [ LensRentals ]

Capcom Set to Re-release Street Fighter II Cartridge For The SNES, Though it Might Catch On Fire

Capcom has teamed up with Iam8bit to release a limited run of Street Fighter II cartridges for the 30th anniversary for the game, which are fully functional. The run will produce 5,500 cartridges, with 1,000 being in ‘Glow-in-the-dark Blanka’ green and the other 4,500 in ‘Opaque Ryu Headband’ red.

Though something in the product page’s description suggests the game could catch on fire, “WARNING: Use of this reproduction game cartridge (the “Product”) on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire.”

Okay, so the game is unlikely to have any issues whatsoever, and is almost certainly not going to set of a Hadouken in your living room. Though, it’s still best to exercise caution and you probably want to shelf this one anyway, as it’s going to be massively collectible to any Street Fighter fan.

The cartridges will sell for $100 each and will ship sometime in November, but just buy an SNES Classic, which will be $20 cheaper and even has Street Fighter II built in. Just kidding, you’ll never be able to find an SNES Classic that’ll cost you less than $200 and little bit of your dignity off some guy on Craigslist who hoards them like a troll.

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Someone Made a Polaroid Camera That Can Print GIF’s (sort of)

People these days seem obsessed with bringing back old tech whether it be vinyl records, retro video games, or old film cameras. And as far as old cameras go, no company seems gets the rose-colored nostalgia treatment quite like Polaroid. I suppose there’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking a picture and having it print out into your hands seconds later.

Well Reddit user, abhi3188, decided to combine the look and feel of the old Polaroid camera, with the modern equivalent of communication, making a camera that prints out GIF’s. The project, named the Instagif NextStep, works by taking a short clip with the camera, which it then ‘prints’ out a cartridge with a small screen on it to display the GIF. Okay, so it doesn’t magically print moving images onto film paper, but it’s still a super cool idea. Once released the GIF even takes a second to fade in, like a real photo from an instant camera.

The project looks incredibly complex and was built entirely from scratch, including a mechanism for loading and unloading the cartridge and requiring separate batteries to power the camera and the cartridge. If you’re interested, the creator also posted a DIY album detailing its construction. For me, I’d rather stick with my vinyl records which are less convenient, more time-consuming, way more expensive, but way more fun than using Spotify.

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iPhone Event Set for September 12, Here’s What It Might Look Like

On September 12 Apple will unveil their latest iPhone in the Steve Jobs theater at Apple’s newly constructed headquarters. The iPhone will mark Apple’s 10th update to the line since the original released in 2007, because of this, many fans and outlets are reporting the newest iPhone to be a more significant change than in recent years. Here are some the biggest changes that are reportedly coming to the iPhone.


Apple is rumored to finally be embracing a design change for the iPhone after a decade of having very familiar top and bottom chins as well as a circular home button. The new iPhone will likely ditch both in favor of a much smaller top and bottom bezel with a small cutout on top for the front-facing camera and may incorporate the new home button under the display like the Galaxy S8.

Mockup of the iPhone 8.


The newest iPhone may also finally bring an OLED display to an Apple product for the first time, which features better battery performance as well as much deeper blacks and better contrast. These display have been used on other high-end smartphones for years, and it’s about time Apple steps up theirs.


Every iPhone includes an update to the camera and this one will be no different. For now, the rumors involve moving the dual-cameras into a landscape position as well as new sensors which will likely bump up the resolution. The iPhone has always had cameras that rank among the best and the newest one will challenge that again.

Other Features

The newest iPhone is also reportedly getting a 512GB option, facial scanning, wireless charging and more RAM. Of course these are mostly speculative, but hey, it’s fun to speculate.

The iPhone 8 is gearing up to be one of Apple’s most anticipated releases in recent years and fans are already excited. Though, it’s being reported by many outlets that the new iPhone may start at $999. It’ll be interesting to see how many will upgrade when a phone costs a grand.

Apple’s event is being held September 12 , and the newest iPhone likely go on sale September 22.

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Your Pizza Could One Day Be Delivered by a Self-Driving Car

If you’ve ever been concerned that getting pizza delivered straight to your door was still too much human interaction, you may be in luck. Dominos has teamed up with Ford to test self-driving cars that can deliver pizza. The program uses a Ford Fusion Hybrid and is currently being tested in Michigan, though a driver and other operators are still present to ensure all goes smoothly.

For now, testing allows random pizza orders in Ann Arbor to select whether they want their pizza delivered though the program. Once your pizza arrives, you’re alerted through the dominos app, and the rear window will open allowing you to grab your pizza from a “Heatwave Compartment” that keeps it warm. Speakers and a screen are also being implemented to make the process simpler.

Oh, how far we’ve come, from banging rocks together to make fire, to having pizza that essentially delivers itself. Though in this futuristic world, having your pizza delivered by a self-driving car removes the best part of the experience, answering the door in your pajamas and looking the pizza guy right in the eyes and having him know that this is most human contact and sunlight you’re going to get on a Saturday.

Dominos and Ford are hoping to start rolling out the system sometime in 2021.

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PetChatz is a Videophone for Keeping in Touch With Pets

How many times have you gone out to spend the weekend in the Poconos with some family and wondered if your Border Collie, Tyrion, was lonely? For years, you’d have to have to spend the entire vacation worrying whether your furry friend would even remember you by the time you got back.

Well worry no longer, because PetChatz is a wall mounted video calling solution for people to keep in touch with their pets. The device uses an app which connects with your smartphone and allows you to place video calls to it from any in the world. It can even dispense little treats at the touch of a button.

The device also comes with a host of modern features, such as recording for later playback, a microphone and speaker for further communication, and can even be linked to stream DogTV, a video channel service for dogs. But be aware that by picking one of these up, you have to accept having your friends see you as that person. You know, the one with the mini TV/phone for their dog.

It’s $379, which is a small price to pay for anyone who loves their pets enough to video chat with them, though at that price it might just be cheaper to buy them an iPhone. Not a new one of course, but at least a refurbished 5S, Tyrion’s worth that much.

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These Plush Lens Pillows Are Awesome, Ask Any DLSR Owner

If you’re anything thing like me, you might be an amateur photographer who loves to show off their DSLR whenever possible. For that reason, you can’t let people forget that you can totally get better shots than their phone, simply because your camera is tucked away in a bag somewhere.

Well with this pillow, stuffed and shaped like a prime lens, you don’t have to worry about your friends and family being oblivious to your expensive hobby. Just set it out on the couch whenever you have company and everyone will know why your Facebook photos of Uncle Joe’s barbecues always get the most likes.

In all seriousness, these pillows are handmade and would make a perfect gift for anyone who’s into amateur photography. I know I’d love it as a gift. You can even pick between models of either a Nikon or Canon lens.

They’re $45 each, just keep in mind that if you buy one as a gift, you make sure to get the right model. Take it from me, you do not want to buy a Canon lens pillow for a friend who is on Team Nikon, that’s how you lose friends.

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Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note 8

Samsung officially announced the newest update to the flagship phablet Note series in their Unpacked Event in New York on Wednesday. The update brings along changes that long-time fans of the large phone will be excited for. Here are some of the most major changes that are coming to the Note 8.

The Note now features a 6.3 inch AMOLED display, which is a notable size increase from the Note 7’s 5.7 inch display and the iPhone 7 Plus’s 5.5 inch display.

The update also brings a dual-camera system for the first time to Samsung phones. Both lenses come with 12-Megapixel sensors, a wide angle lens with a f/1.7 aperture, as well as a telephoto lens with a f/2.4 aperture capable of a 2X optical zoom similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The phone also ditches physical buttons on its lower bezel placing the home button under the screen and shrinks the top bezel, allowing for the screen to take a larger ratio of the phone’s front.

Other updates include the newest Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM and an upgraded 8-Megapixel front facing camera. The Note 8 also holds onto microSD card support and a 3.5mm headphone jack, much to fan’s relief as other manufactures have begun ditching the headphone jack.

Prices for the flagship range somewhat, but within the U.S., fans can expect to pay around $950 for the Note 8 with 64GB of internal storage. The Note 8 will be exploding into stores on September 15th.

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