For the best filter effect on the photo shoot

In this modern day technology, photographers use image editing softwares. Majority of the photos are digitally taken. And that was just the call for physical filter to die. Yes, some filter effects could be easily done if it is done digitally but it could be much easier with actual filter. So if you still want to go primitive with the filter and photo shoot, here is what you will be needing.

You could use the UV filter as a default filter. A default filter is what you will find at the very front of your lens. See, primitively these UV filter were essentially designed to remove or eliminate the fog. This fog was caused by the ultra violet rays which were seen reflecting in the thin air. But today’s digital cameras already come with such function. So basically if you have an UV filter, your camera and its lens will be protected from any scratches and bumps.

Then there is another filter that is called as a circular polarizing filter. This filter is known to deepen the density of blue sky and even saturate colors. Such a filter is very much necessary when you have an outdoor shoot. The polarizing reduces the reflection of water and sun. All you have to do is move the lens as per your need and you are good to go.

The ND filter or neutral filter is known to darken your photo. It basically reduces a little of the light. This type of filter is very essential for travel and landscape photography. You can easily reduce light with this filter and give an evening or night time effect even on a bright sunny day. You can even blur away unwanted parts. A version of neutral filter is the graduated neutral filter. These filters are quite large and squarish. You will find that the top half of the grad ND filter is brown. The top half is responsible for blocking a certain amount of light. However, it works like a normal ND filter. While the the bottom half of the grad ND filter is very similar to a UV filter. Unlike other filter, it does not block out light. Therefore the grad ND filter helps in balancing the bright light along with other such multiple uses. All you have to do is align the transition zone with the horizon and take a click.

Get smart with these entertaining smart apps

crosswords puzzles
So when you say a smart phone, it is pretty obvious that it will have tons of apps. A smart phone is incomplete without apps. It is like they are inseparable. Some apps are for sheer fun and pleasure while some will make you rack your brain. Here are few apps that will help you in improve your brainpower. These apps will reduce the chance of memory loss and instead increase your cognitive functions.

The NT Time Crosswords is one such brain racker. The best way to improve your vocabulary and intelligence is by solving a crosswords puzzle. This particular apps helps you in solving the crosswords puzzles which are published everyday in the newspaper. With this app you can easily solve tomorrow’s puzzle today. Its free download and comes in a week trial. Another free app to boost your brain function is Lumosity. This app can help you train your brain in specific areas. All you have to do is focus on an area that you would like to work. The app will definitely improve your memory, speed, flexibility and brain function.

One of the most amazing app is the 7 Little Words app. Just as much it is fun, it is quite challenging as well. Every puzzle that you come across consists of seven mystery words, seven clues and 20 letter groups. You may lose your nerve but then giving up will certainly not be an option because this app is highly addictive. While the Owl app will provide you with something interesting new or fact on everyday bases. This is a good way of learning something new each and everyday. You can also schedule when you want to know about the fact or new and you will get a notification. This app will not only kill time but will also brush up on your general knowledge.

Now you do not have to buy big fat dictionary or join an expensive language speaking course if you have the Duolingo app. And the best part is that this app is free! You also get the feature of inviting your friend to this app and enjoy a friendly competition. Just like the Owl app, Quora is another app that will be a knowledgeable source. Unlike Owl, you can here at Quora ask questions and get valid answers from people who have a good experience. You can get the best valid and reasonable answers here even on the topics they you never knew existed. So when app are you planning on downloading.

So, what is your iPhone capable of?

Your iPhone is a machine. It is a step ahead of its time. It is a technology that is pretty smarter than you. Also do you know that there are certain things that your iPhone is hiding away from you. You may think that you know it all when it comes to an iPhone, but trust me on this you will surprised to find out that your iPhone is capable of doing the following things as well.

Well, for starters your iPhone can switch control. This special feature was exclusively meant for people who had disabilities. With this feature you could control the iPhone with your head. Isn’t that amazing? All you have to do is simply tilt your head and you will see magic. Yes, it is totally irritating to type on a small screen any time. A typo or typos are for sure to happen. So Apple came up with a unique feature wherein you just had to shake the cell phone and it will pop up with several option either to cancel or continue or simply undo the typing. Life indeed made easy.

Another thing that you may not know of the iPhone is that it has a feature called location based reminder. So now you do not have to maintain a list of things to do when you reach a certain place. With the help of GPS you can easily get reminders of the things that you were supposed to do, when in that particular place. Many a times your selfies or other clicks come out blur. Thanks to the burst feature you can now take plenty of photos on a single go. All you have to do is hold down the picture button for a continuous stream of photos. How hard can that be now?

It is not easy to click a photo or selfie if you have a touch screen. With the help of volume control feature available on your iPhone you can now click photos with the volume controls on your iPhone. And when you want to charge your phone on a super speed, just put it on flight mode and the phone will charge as fast as ever. The reason for this is quite simple. This way your phone will not be looking for any WiFi connections or anything. It will completely focus on just charging.

Oh yes, Sherlock Holmes 3 is all set to happen!

Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. was pretty clear on the fact that he will not be doing Iron Man 4 which was an utter sad and dreadful news, but the Only You star has said yes for Sherlock Holmes upcoming part. Yes, the actor is serious about saying no to Iron Man 4 and yes to Sherlock Holmes 3.

During his promotion at Reddit AMA for his upcoming release The Judge, he said, “Looks like Sherlock Holmes 3 is going to happen.” And that one statement grabbed all the attention that was needed. The 49-year-old further stated, “Yes, we have Sherlock Holmes 3 in development. We want it to be the best of the series, so that’s pretty tall order.” The Sherlock Holmes star is also looking for Perry Mason property for future development. This will help in creating the 1931 atmosphere. A similar technique was used in the previous two Sherlock Holmes movies.

Jude Law also mentioned that they had a meeting over this in the first half of 2014 and believes that plot is written but again, the big house Warner Brothers have yet to agree to pay. Downey Jr. also went on further praising another Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch. “I screen envy,” said RDJ. Cumberbatch plays Holmes for the BBC.

The Iron Man star ended the interview by making a statement, “There are no plans for an Iron Man 4. That’s a valid question. Like it hasn’t made enough money? Yeah, I guess they have too much money or something. There is no script for Iron Man 4. They do have a plan and I think they’re going to announce it soon.”

How to increase the productivity at office?

productivity at office
It is next to impossible to increase your productivity in just one day at office. It is similar to what they say- Rome was not build in a day. You certainly cannot boost your productivity in day, but maybe in a couple of days time. Many a times you will be bashed with too much of work load and that is when you have to manage to work effectively and efficiently. Read More

Home time job is just a step away

In this ever increasing inflation, it is hard to survive with just one job, of course unless it is a nice posh corporate office. There are some people who end up taking two and at times three jobs. Working from home is one thing that you can start right away. Many people these days are interested in starting up their own part time business. Here are few ways in which you can improve your career that too being home. Read More

Things not to do at office

Things not to do
We all know what we are supposed to do at office. Work! That is the ultimate goal of joining an office. That is basic knowledge. But then what not to do at office is what we don’t know for sure or well. Certain mistakes will take you down or probably throw you out. You need to maintain a decorum at office. Here is what you are so not supposed to do at your office. Read More

Tips for all the workaholics

We often describe life as ‘busy.’ There is no time to sit down even for a glass of water. Everything is done in tiptoe speed. But always being on a rush is not good for physical healthy as well as mental health. Yes there is no denying to the fact that you have no time whatsoever to even look after yourself or care a little for yourself. We are just becoming workaholics. Read More

Jobs that do not need a degree

The common belief of the people is that if you need a well paid job you will be needing a good degree. Without a valid degree there is no chance of jobs. So the world has been teaching us that good jobs only come with good degrees and that too what degree you get, you will end up having a job from that background only. This is the rule for hunting down jobs and obtaining success. But did you know that there are few jobs that do not need any degree? Well, scroll down.

You do not need a degree to be a nanny. Yes of course, being responsible for other’s kids is quite a tough task but then you get to earn nearly $180,000 annually. Plus there are perks. All you will be needing is patience, dedication and the will to look after others kids. So if you are the kind of person who loves kids, what are you waiting for? Start applying right away. While being a dog walker could also earn you $100,000 annually. If you are good with pets and have ever walked a dog before then you are qualified for this job. Yeah, it is not great or anything, but then see the money. You will also get enough time to indulge in other actives or any other part time job.

Bartender is the like the coolest job ever. Every 20-something thinks that and I bet you also wanted to be bartender. Working in a hotel bar will get you a nice fixed income along with the tips from customers. However, an average bartender makes at least $100,000 a year and if you are working in a hot shot hotel then its Christmas for you throughout the year. Yes, it is a fun and quite a socializing job but then it is not what everyone can do. You need years of practice.

Yes, a real estate agent also does not need a degree. It is helping people find their dream home. You can easily earn up to $95,000-$400,000 a year and of course with some commission. Also the income is sure to increase with the increase in housing properties. The job is more of socializing where you will end up making friends and you will be happy when a couple buys a house. Since fitness is the new fade with the new generation you could also plan on becoming a fitness trainer. This job might be a little sweaty and cranky but you can earn at least a good $100,000 a year. Also you need to look fit and healthy in order to lure your clients. So think twice there.

How to reach the fitness goal?

fitness goal
We all workout for the same reason, to stay fit and healthy. We all head out to his workout battle having a particular goal in mind. Some have the goal to lose weight while some just want to stay fit. It is quite difficult to reach the fitness goal. Maybe this article will help you out there and boost up your spirit to exercise more. Read More

The health benefits of lentils for a fit body

Lentils are a powerhouse of nutrients. Many people these days have started adding lentils in their diet. The eating habits of people is changing. Lentils are low in calories and very rich in nutrients. Since they are available through out the year you can have them any time. You can add them in you salad or have them as spreads and not to forget that they are easy to cook and tasty as well. Read More

Do you measure your fitness level?

measure fitness level
Measuring fitness level? I mean who does that? But then probably it is high time that you start to measure your fitness level. Yes there are many ways in which you can measure your fitness level but then probably you will be confused at the start as to where to begin from, right? Yes it is hard to know the right test but then here are few ways in which you may know how to measure your fitness level. Read More

Groove a little on the tunes of music therapy

music therapy
Music is beautiful. No one would ever say that they do not like music. We all know that music has a good effect on the mind and body. And with this there is a therapy known as the music therapy. The music therapy is one such therapy that has been growing in the health care field. The music therapy is actually being used to heal people. Sadly, some fail to understand its value and importance. Read More

The ultimate health benefits of sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are yum. Besides being yum they are known for their health benefits as well. You will find sweet potatoes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. This is one type of root that you will find in almost every part of the world. Did you know that sweet potatoes contain tons of minerals and vitamins? Here are few more facts on sweet potatoes that will make you have it more and more. Read More

How to avoid getting a cold?

A climate change and you will find people sneezing and coughing and down with cold. Seeing people suffer from cold is really bad. The awful cold will not let you work or sleep well. It will be constantly hunting you. But what if you could find some ways in which you can avoid getting a cold? The most common reason for one getting cold is that the person’s hand is not clean. Read More

A diabetes friendly medicine is on the way

diabetes friendly medicine
People with diabetes are usually not allowed to drink. But moderate drinking is acceptable. One drink a day for a women while two drinks a day for a man is what called as moderate alcohol consumption. A control on alcohol is very necessary if you are suffering from diabetes. The reason is that alcohol directly affects the blood sugar. Any sugary drink will show a hike in the blood sugar level. Read More